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Benme and Tech Zity partner to elevate the workplace experience

At Benme, innovation in employee experience is at the forefront of our mission. We’re elated to share news of our latest venture that promises to redefine workplace engagement — our partnership with Tech Zity, a premier co-working space provider in Lithuania.

Creating opportunities for success in the heart of Lithuania

The collaboration between Benme and Tech Zity is designed to cultivate a unique and enriching work environment. Tech Zity stands at the forefront of creating a dynamic infrastructure aimed at personal and professional triumph. It's not just about providing desks and chairs; it’s about building a vibrant community where creativity, innovation, and productivity soar. Our shared goal is to nurture an ecosystem that bolsters personal development and career advancement within Lithuania’s co-working landscape.

Unlocking workplace success with Benme’s employee benefits platform

Our partnership paves the way for Tech Zity’s member companies to gain exclusive access to Benme's comprehensive employee benefits platform. The platform boasts a suite of personalized employee benefits, budget management tools, and wellness programs designed to foster a more satisfied, motivated, and loyal workforce. By harnessing Benme's robust solutions, Tech Zity is set to revolutionize the workspace by prioritizing employee well-being and making its co-working spaces a nexus of employee-centric innovation.

Joining forces for enhanced professional growth

This partnership transcends traditional collaboration; it is a testament to our dedication to the advancement of professionals and companies in Lithuania. Tech Zity’s community, a melting pot of varied talents across industries, combined with Benme’s expertise in employee benefits, heralds a new era of workplace development. Together, we're eager to fuel the growth and prosperity of our members, making Tech Zity an epicenter for success and an ideal choice for thriving enterprises and start-ups alike.

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