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Company goodies

Offer your employees everything you think they might need: from health insurance to company merchandise.

Company goodies marketplace overview

Top features

Company goodies marketplace

Goodie marketplace

Upload benefits or merchandise offered by your company to our marketplace page and let your employees choose. Whether it is health insurance or car parking space, employees will be able to purchase them with budgets assigned to them.

Company announcements


The coffee shop close to the office provided your company some coupons, or do you have any other news to tell your employees? Provide important information to your colleagues with our announcements feature.

Purchase details of company goodie

Purchase analytics

Monitor the purchasing habits of your employees and see which company goodies are most popular in your company. Everything is a few clicks away: from viewing the purchase in more detail to completing it.

Company goodie's custom attributes

Custom attributes

Selling a hoodie with your company logo? Want to add multiple sizes, colors or other attributes? No need to create multiple benefits, with "benme" you can add custom attributes to your goodies.

Why should you use it?

Not all employees use the benefits you provide them, so why spend too much money on things that are not used? This is why "benme" introduced the "Company goodies" feature which lets you create your own benefits.


Upload everything you want: company hoodies, onboarding items, health insurance. Assign budgets to your employees and let them choose what they need.

Better benefits are a few clicks away...

Save countless hours spent on employee wellbeing with benme. Try free for 30 days and see results within minutes.

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